Author: Esther Wanza (African Regional Focal Point of MGCY, in support of UN Food Systems Summit)

From the dialogues held in the past few months, there has been a lot of learning especially in getting to understand the challenges various young farmers are experiencing around the continent from climate change to post-harvest loss to the poor productivity due to the use of traditional farming methods and how different communities are tackling these challenges.

Having a Renewable background, this has been a great moment for me and mostly getting to understand how to integrate Renewable Energy in the food systems transformation to reduce some of the challenges experienced in the African continent — like the use of cold chains to reduce post-harvest loss and application of climate-smart agriculture.

Understanding the different cuisines in the African continent- The African continent has diverse cuisines which are almost related but the preparation process differs from one region to another- a good example is Ugali which a staple food for most Kenyans in the West African region it is called “Fufu” in Ghana the different types of foods for different regions including “Sadza Nenyama” for Zimbabwe, Suruba for Sudanese, Pounded yam for west Africans to matoke for Ugandans.

These last months have been a surreal experience for me and I look forward to the upcoming pre-summit and food systems summit and beyond, in order to transform our food systems.

About the Author:

Esther Wanza is an Energy Business mentor at Energy 4 Impact and the MGCY Regional Youth Focal Point for Africa in support of the Food Systems Summit. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy and Bio-fuel Technology from Kibabii University, and while studying there she developed a great interest in off-grid energy technologies that can provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions in Sub-Sahara Africa. Her recent work at Energy 4 Impact has included Business development, design, and implementation of Renewable Energy projects and Research and Development of Productive Use of Energy technologies such as Cold rooms, Solar Irrigation, and Solar Milling Technologies which have given her a good insight on how to implement sustainable business models in these value chains.

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